5 Boston gems you need to see after moving

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    Many think they know their cities, and yet they get surprised. Even the residents often miss out on hidden corners, cafes, and other interesting spots. Hidden gems are in every place. It only takes a little bit of time and effort, plus the right information. Often times hectic lifestyle makes us forget about all possibilities that the city we live in offers. When relocating to Boston, you’ll definitely want to explore the city and everything it offers. There are several Boston gems you need to see after moving. We at Cardinal Van Lines prepared this guide to make your search much easier. They will give you a different impression of the city, and probably make you willing to explore more!

    Boston gems you need to see after moving are quite close.
    There are many Boston gems you need to see after moving!

    There are strong reasons to see Boston gems after the move

    You may wonder “Are those places that attractive?”. The truth is – it depends on your personal preferences. However, these 5 lovely spots will kickstart your desire to explore more and discover maybe another hidden gem. Life in a big city becomes less and less exciting if you settle only for a job and nightlife. That’s why being an explorer costs you nothing, yet offers a different perspective of the city. In addition, it’s always good for you to occasionally discover new favorite spots and change your surroundings. You might get surprised.

    a group of people observing the city
    Boston is worth exploring.

    #1 Underground at Ink Block is one of the Boston gems you need to see after the move

    This place is a perfect example of how to repurpose a forgotten space and turn it into an urban art hub. The Underground at Ink Block is tucked underneath South End/South Boston overpasses. More than 150,000 square feet of mural work by various artists from Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. is definitely worth seeing. In addition, you may take a break in a pop-up bar, or enjoy the eight-acre park. You can go there for a walk or bike ride.

    #2 Long Wharf North is ideal for urban camping

    Another little-known Boston gem is Long Wharf North. If you haven’t tried in-city camping, then this is a perfect place for you. You are allowed to spend the night in four Boston Harbor Islands: – Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks, Lovells. There’s no better way to spend your time during hot summer days! All you have to do is gather your friends, pack essential items, a tent, and a sleeping bag. Of course, don’t forget the food! All four islands have everything you need: a camping site, picnic tables, grills. Additionally, there are hiking trails for those who like to explore. Just make sure to reserve early on.

    a couple finding places on the map
    There are many places to experience.

    #3 Observation deck at Independence Wharf is another Boston gem you must see after moving

    If you look for an exceptional bird’s-eye view, then don’t skip on Independence Wharf. This notable historic building is a highlight of the Boston Harborwalk. Its 14th-floor observation deck is free for visitors. All you have to do is to sign up ahead! Whether you use high-powered binoculars or just come for beautiful naked eye gazes, you’ll enjoy the view.

    #4 Lynn’s murals will leave you speechless

    Every developed city that cultivates rich culture has notable spots with extraordinary murals. Large-scale murals created on walls across downtown Lynn always leave everyone amazed by the striking beauty. You can witness various exhibitions and themed murals. However, all of them reflect the creative urban spirit of Boston. Besides, Lynn’s downtown murals are perfect for photoshoots or if you need some extra inspiration.

    #5 Learn more about chocolate at Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop

    Passionate chocolate lovers may find joy at Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop. There you can hear more about the history of chocolate in Boston. Furthermore, you will get more information about how unique Boston chocolate was made at this store. Next, you will be able to try out locally made chocolate and enjoy an amazing taste.

    Make sure you hire reliable movers prior to moving to Boston

    You probably feel excited about moving to Boston. You hope to see all these places and enjoy them as soon as possible. In order to start fresh, you’ll need a team of reliable movers who understand the importance of moving. Not only do you begin an entire life chapter, but also experience a stressful period, to a certain degree. However, moving doesn’t have to be exhausting. That’s why you should entrust your move and belongings only to the best cross country movers Florida has on offer. All of them have the services you need. Moreover, their friendly and kind crew is capable to do the work even in the midst of unexpected situations.

    Keep in mind that moving is an experience you should fully enjoy, without much stress. Therefore, set aside enough time for finding the most reliable movers. Make sure to check the quality of their services and whether they match the price point. Remember that you should get what you paid for. Your chosen movers will not only fit your moving budget but also provide the best service quality.

    Think of additional moving services

    Every move requires additional services. Therefore, you may want to consider professional packing and storage services before moving from Florida to Boston. It’s a long road and will take some time. Your belongings will need a safe place to wait until the move is over. Also, make sure to pick storage services that are climate controlled. Better to pay for quality and safe storage now than for additional repairs later.

    If you want to start discovering all Boston gems you need to see after moving, then organize all moving tasks. Remember that everything goes much faster with professional and capable movers at your side. Don’t hesitate and find the best relocation services Florida companies offer.

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