A complete checklist for a successful interstate move

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    If you think you can have a perfect relocation you must make a perfect relocation plan to support it. Yes, we are all aware that you must organize, pack, and search for a reliable moving company. But there is more than that. A serious moving preparation is required and today we will provide a moving guide with a complete checklist for a successful interstate move. Let’s go.

    Create a flawless relocation plan for a successful interstate move

    You must prepare a flawless relocation plan if you want to end up with a successful interstate move. It might sound scary but we will help you along the way. Let us begin with a thorough home inspection. You should check each room in your home. Along with the attic, garage, basement, backyard, shed, etc. And while doing that, you should note everything down. Create categories with furniture, fragile items, personal belongings, and everyday household items. If you do it right, you’ll know how many packing materials you need. And when your list is complete, you will start searching for a moving company.

    Before you begin packing, you must obtain all necessary packing materials

    Also, add all moving-related tasks, chores, errands, and responsibilities to your checklist. It will be your personalized guide and you will follow it until the end. Once you have it all nicely written down, you can provide this information to your interstate moving company representative and let them wrap the whole plan up. With the info you brought, your movers will create the safest and cheapest plan possible.

    Find movers on time

    Now, as soon as you know about the relocation, you should chase your moving date. Check your personal schedule and figure out how many days you can take off work. Then set a moving date with the company you like the most or the one that has the said date free on a schedule. And you’ll find your movers on the internet in a couple of minutes. But how to choose them, is something entirely different. You must compare movers all over the place until you figure out which ones are the best for you. Compare prices and services. Of course, read moving reviews as well because you can learn a lot from previous customers’ experiences. Also, confirm your movers possess the following:

    • Permits and licenses
    • Knowledge and experience
    • Safety standards and protocols
    • Proper moving vehicles and manpower
    • Moving insurance and special services

    You can always dig deeper and check if your long distance movers are listed online on one of the government sites such as Better Business Bureau. All legit moving companies leave a trail on the internet so don’t you worry for a second that you will hire the fraudulent one.

    If you want a successful interstate move you must pack like a pro.

    Your checklist should include complete a packing plan

    Ok, before we begin packing, you must obtain all necessary packing materials. If you want a successful interstate move you must pack like a pro. Therefore, run to the nearest hardware store or home depot and obtain everything you need. Or order online or purchase from movers. Whatever makes you more comfortable. Know that you should purchase at least 30 carton boxes as they are the absolute winner when it comes to relocation. Then, you’ll need higher-quality tape to keep your boxes together. Also, a label for each box which means you should always take a few more just in case. Finally, you’ll need blister packs to protect, wrap, tuck in, etc. Now when you have everything with you, you must start packing. You can do it over the week or push over the weekend and pack in two days.

    Fragile items should be wrapped individually as well as extremely valuable pieces of furniture and other household items.

    Your choice entirely. All that matters are to be patient and pack carefully. With a proper plan in place that won’t be a problem, right? We suggest starting with the kitchen as it has too many items and most of them are fragile. All the glass, ceramics, and sharp objects require special attention. Hence, start with the kitchen, then move to the bathroom and other rooms in your home. So, take a box, place bubble wrap on the bottom, or a blanket and similar items, place your belongings inside the box, fill gaps, and tape it all around. Add a label to each box to raise awareness and to make your unpacking easier. Rinse and repeat for each box and you’ll be just fine. And remember, fragile items should be wrapped individually as well as extremely valuable pieces of furniture and other household items.

    Declutter and downsize where possible

    Now, if you want to make your relocation easier and cheaper overall, you should declutter and downsize. So, while shuffling through your stuff, you will find items you do not need anymore. Or a broken washing machine that is more expensive to repair than to replace. And there are surely many more. Therefore, gather all unused and spent items and recycle, donate, or throw away. You will have few boxes less and you can snatch an hour of your workers’ time. As you know they charge by the hour and by the weight of your moving cargo. With decluttering you’ll reduce both and get a better moving quote.

    Legalities and documents for a successful interstate move

    The final touch is to check all your legalities and paperwork. Yes, you must do it and do it on time. Check all your personal IDs, documents, medical records, credit cards, driver’s license, etc. Also, you must set up a PO box and reroute your mail. Moreover, you should contact your cellphone and internet provider to ensure you’ll have it all ready and transferred to your new address. Start doing this at least a month in advance. Now you know how to create a checklist and a personalized guide for a successful interstate move. As long as you pack patiently and carefully, you won’t have any problems. On top of that, if you have reliable movers with you, you’ll surely be successful in the end. Good luck.

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