Best Boston neighborhoods for raising kids

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    It is not easy to find a perfect city for your kids to be raised in. And it is a well-known fact that every parent wants only the best for his children. Then, after you pick a city, it is preferred you know which neighborhoods will be suitable for your kids. Hence, in this article, we’ve chosen some of the best Boston neighborhoods for raising kids. We hope that our guide will help you decide whether moving from Florida to Boston is the best choice for your family.

    What to look for when choosing the best Boston neighborhoods for raising kids?

    When picking a suitable neighborhood for raising kids in Boston, you should consider your family’s needs. Hence, before you pick a perfect Boston neighborhood for your kids, consider your family’s lifestyle. For instance, some families prefer living in a big house. On the other hand, other families are looking for an urban apartment with a view. Whichever of these is your choice, you have to be certain and choose only the best Boston neighborhood for raising kids. So, before you start planning your move, there are several issues you ought to think about.

    • How to find the best cross country movers Florida?
    • Which kind of living environment are you looking for in a perfect neighborhood for your kids?
    • Does a particular neighborhood have lots of green areas around for your children to enjoy?

    Answering these questions will take you one step closer to finding the best Boston neighborhoods for raising children.

    Two kids walking across the bridge in a neighborhood suitable for raising kids
    You should have all the important aspects on your mind when moving to Boston with your family.

    Which are the best neighborhoods in Boston for raising kids?

    After you’ve decided to move to Boston, it is time to find the neighborhoods that will be suitable for raising kids. Also, you probably already know that Boston is an excellent place for raising a family. Especially with its highly-rated school districts, affordable homes, and plenty of fun things to do.

    Charlestown – one of the most suitable Boston neighborhoods for raising children

    Moving to a new city with family is never easy. However, if you’ve decided to move, hiring relocation services Florida will help you a lot. You can spend your time exploring your potential neighborhoods, such as Charlestown. This neighborhood is located north of Downtown Boston, just across the Charles River. And it is known as one of the best places to live with your family in Boston. The thing that makes Charlestown perfect for raising kids is that it offers some of the best museums, kid-friendly parks, and top-notch schools. Also, Charlestown has a low crime rate and is safer than 58 % of Massachusetts cities.

    What to do in Charlestown?

    As we already mentioned, Boston offers many activities you can enjoy with your kids. For instance, you can spend an afternoon playing with the kids at Paul Revere Park. This beautiful park has a waterfront playground, a dog park, and interesting public artwork. All of these make it a perfect neighborhood for raising kids, right? Also, if you want to beat the heat, you and your kids can go for a swim at Clougherty Pool. On the other hand, if you want a piece of history, learn about Boston’s history with a guided tour at Boston Historic Park. And you can manage moving there with ease with proper help from Cardinal Van Lines.

    Little girl lying on grass
    If you move to one of the best neighborhoods in Boston for raising kids, your kids are going to enjoy it.

    Consider East Boston

    With a low crime rate, this Boston neighborhood is one of the safest, in fact, safer than 64 % of Massachusetts cities. Also, East Boston has family-friendly streets and budget-friendly housing options. On top of that, it is abundant in outdoor activities and has many great restaurants. As for the things to do, East Boston is a great neighborhood for raising kids. You can always visit East Boston Memorial Park, with its huge area with a playground, sports fields, and spray fountains.

    Also, when the summer comes, you can enjoy your days at Constitution Beach, a fantastic waterfront stop ideal for swimming. On the other hand, you can take your kids ice skating at Porrazzoo Skating Rink. This is a perfect place for your youngsters to learn how to move on ice. Finally, if you and your kids are nature lovers, you can go for a walk at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. There, you can see plenty of native plants and wildlife. No doubt that you are going to enjoy living in this great Boston neighborhood ideal for raising kids.

    Hyde Park – is this the neighborhood for you and your kids?

    Yet another appealing neighborhood for raising kids to consider. Hyde Park is a calm, quiet neighborhood, considered to be safer than 53 % of Massachusetts cities. That and many other things make Hyde Park one of the best Boston neighborhoods for families. Also, Hyde Park has several green spaces and some of the city’s best schools. Therefore, you won’t make a mistake if you choose Hyde Park to raise your kids.

    Things do to in Hyde Park, Boston

    Hyde Park has the Stony Brook Reservation, a huge park ideal for hiking with your family. This park has over 12 miles of sports fields, fishing areas, and trails. Also, you can visit the Riverside Theatre Works where your kids can enroll in a performing arts class. On the other hand, if your kids love golfing, you can take them to enjoy a round of golf at George Wright Golf Course.


    One of the safest neighborhoods in Boston is Roslindale, another great place to live with a family. This neighborhood has Roslindale Village Main Street which added walkability to the area. Also, Roslindale has some of the best schools in Boston, such as Sacred Heart School and Phineas Bates Elementary School. As for the fun part, your kids will enjoy being raised in this Boston neighborhood. You can take your kids to Franklin Park Zoo, one of the most fun things to do in Boston. Also, your kids would enjoy visiting Roslindale Village Farmer’s Market. Because they will get to find delectable chocolates and chic crafts.

    Mother and daughter looking at a flowerpot
    A visit to a Farmer’s market can be quite fun for your children.

    As you could see, choosing among the best Boston neighborhoods for raising kids isn’t that hard. Because you have a great offer from which you can choose. All you have to do is to listen to your kids’ needs and you can’t go wrong.

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