Best Texas cities for families with children

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    When you’re moving, you should be feeling excitement and joy. You’re looking for something new, something fresh, and that would represent a new chapter in your life. People often expect adventures because they are eager to explore new places as well as to explore themselves! You learn a lot about yourself when doing such a big move in your life. On the other hand, this process can get pretty exhausting if you have a family with children. Parents have a ton of reasons to search for an environment that is safe for their kids in which they can grow and prosper. If you don’t have anything in mind, stick with us! We are going to cover some of the best Texas cities for families with children.

    Moving to another state is a big deal

    As much as moving can be pretty interesting, fun, and exciting, moving can be draining. Many people think moving is difficult but it isn’t. It is just your perception of it. With a positive attitude and a smile on your face, you are going to do it without any problems! The first thing you need to do is to do good research on everything you need for the move and to make a detailed plan. By following the plan, you won’t have to scratch your head and ask yourself what to do next, but just go and check thing by thing on your list. Following, you would have to prepare for the move which means that you would have to pack all of your belongings and arrange transportation for them. All of that sounds easy until you start doing it.

    The first thing you’ll realize is that how time-consuming it is. With all these things we’ve mentioned here, imagine having to take care of the kids on top of everything. Think about hiring professionals if you are, for example, moving to Texas from Florida. Hiring them would significantly make your move easier!

    Tips when moving with your children

    Have you just found a perfect house where you can see your two raising kids and having a wonderful time? A good-looking new build with a huge yard for kids to play outside, a safe neighborhood, and plenty of great schools sound so attractive to most parents. There’s a long way until you get there, literally. Moving from one state to another can get pretty tiring and exhausting so we would highly recommend thinking of interstate moving companies Florida. They offer a variety of services to help you get through this.

    Rio Grande river
    Rio Grande is just one of few parts of nature that Texas has to offer!

    What to do?

    Here is the list of things you should keep in mind when moving with your kids:

    • Start earlier
    • Make a plan for moving week
    • Make to-do lists for kids
    • Keep a positive attitude
    • Pack everything in color-coded boxes
    • Hire a babysitter
    • Arrange trucks for transportation
    • Make sure to talk to kids and take time to explain things that are happening

    What is good about Texas?

    Every year, exponentially more people are moving to Texas. Imagine you’re from Florida and you decide you want to move to Texas with your family. Spend a little extra, have peace of mind, and make it effortless by hiring movers Boynton beach! These people are experienced and they provide amazing service in their field of expertise.

    On the other hand, you must be asking yourself whether is it a good idea to move to Texas in 2022? Texas may have a bad reputation with guns and being a “cowboy state” but it has so much more to offer. Unlike every other state, there are pros and cons. Texas is great for raising your family, having beautiful nature with great households. Not only that, but it has a variety of great schools with a high level of education. As far as parents are concerned, there are plenty of job opportunities for them to pursue their professional careers. In addition, Texas has a low cost of living which means you’ll be able to live a good life as well as save something from your paycheck.

    Usual household in the best Texas cities for families with children
    Usual household in cities across Texas

    Which are the best Texas cities for families with children?

    You are probably wondering what are the best Texas cities for families with children. That is completely reasonable since you want to have a calm, relaxed, and worry-free life. Not only that, but you want your kids to feel accepted and safe. Texas also offers many outdoor activities as well as beautiful nature and things you can visit! We are going to cover some important factors which can help you decide which city is the best suit for you. Also, if you need a suggestion on what moving service to hire, we would have to say Cardinal Van Lines because these guys are knowledgeable and skillful.

    • Residency
    • Houshold type
    • Housing costs
    • Commute
    • Education


    Almost 90% presents of people are living in the same household as the last year. With that being said, it’s pretty clear that statistically speaking, people are satisfied with life here. Here are some facts to back that up:

    • People with school degree: 93%
    • Commute time: 26 minutes
    • Households with underage children: 37.5%
    • Families living in the same house: 86.5%
    • Housing income: 20.2%


    Frisco has to be in our top picks! Not only that it’s a great Dallas’ suburb, but it has also scored highest for families with kids as well as high school degrees.

    • People with school degree: 96%
    • Commute time: 28 minutes
    • Households with underage children: 51%
    • Families living in the same house: 84%
    • Housing income: 20.5%
    Oil industry in Texas
    Oil country in Midland is absolutely amazing!


    This is one of the best Texas cities for families with children. It is also located in the oil country which means there are a lot of interesting things to see!

    • People with school degree: 83%
    • Commute time: 17.5 minutes
    • Households with underage children:34.5%
    • Families living in the same house: 82.5%
    • Housing income: 19%

    What to keep in mind

    Texas is home to a piece of American culture and it is a hand-down wonderful place to live and raise your family in. It will, without a doubt, provide your kids with great schools and even better education which will help them to develop into intelligent individuals who will make this country even prouder! We hope that we’ve helped you decide when it comes to the best Texas cities for families with children!

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