How to include kids in the packing process

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    Relocation is a big change in every person’s life. It is especially significant if it is a part of childhood. Kids see packing and moving as something bad if you don’t introduce them to it properly. However, if you make them a part of the adventure, they might actually love it. There are many activities and tricks that will give your kids a reason to help you out. Find out how to include kids in the packing process with our guide.

    A scavenger hunt is a way to include kids in the packing process

    Every kid loves a good scavenger hunt! Kids will love to try finding the stuff on the list and packing it in the box once you’ve turned it into an entertaining activity. You don’t have to make any additional clues to include kids in the packing process, just give them lists of stuff in the room they’re in and the kids will spend more time packing than scavenger hunting.

    It doesn’t always have to be a scavenger hunt. You can find any good game which will subtly make the kids do the job and pack their stuff. They love games and you just need to use that.

    A child is playing with crayons.
    If you want to include kids in the packing process let them help you!

    Decorate boxes after you pack them

    Make a fan art adventure out of packing for your kids, once the packing is done. Just before your best long distance movers Florida come to pick up the boxes, ask kids to help you prepare them. Leave one side clear for the labels, but allow your kids to draw and paint on the bottom, top, and all other sides of every box they pack or help with. Buy a bunch of stickers, markers, crayons, and paint, and let the kids enjoy.

    Kids love being creative. There is no surface they won’t use if they are allowed and by providing them with this fun activity, you give them an opportunity to become more creative.

    “Soft” Ball Packing

    We should be realistic. Kids love tossing games and they don’t care about what they are tossing. There is really a lot of stuff that you don’t have to take special care of. Kids can use them to play a game of toss. Toss it around the place and you’ll be surprised how fast all the toys and clothes get straight into the box when kids are free to toss the stuff in. It’s the best way to include kids in the packing process. You shouldn’t be surprised when you start to do the same with other items in the house. Your house will become dynamic and filled with adrenalin.

    Deciding what stuff to keep and what to donate

    When you pack, you have to make hard decisions about which stuff to throw away, which to donate, and which to bring with you to the new place. That includes the kids’ room as well. So, include kids in the packing process. Give the kids a pack of in-color sticky notes and they will basically do the job by themselves. Say one color is for stuff they want to keep and another color is for all the items they want to gove away, sell or donate. From that, kids can start packing up the stuff they’ll keep, and you can use that to get to know them better. You’ll see what they like and what toys they’ve outgrown.

    You will give a great example to your kids by doing this. They will see donating as something good and noble and might start to like it. That is the way new generations are raised to become good persons and be of help to society. One they, they might do the same with their kids and make happy a lot of people they’ve never met.

    A child is coloring a coloring book.
    Allow kids to decide what to keep and what to donate.

    Kids can take photos before things get packed

    The first reason you should take photos of your stuff is the insurance. In case something breaks, you will have proof it was good before it was handled. The second reason to take photos is memories. You probably had a lot of nice moments in that house and you’d like to keep them.

    So, include kids in the packing process by asking them to take pics of the boxes and furniture before your interstate movers Florida come to pick it up.

    Kids should be free to pack their room

    Chances are much higher your kids will find packing their room interesting if you give them the freedom to choose how to do it. Be in charge of all other rooms but show trust and include kids in the packing process by asking them to pack their own rooms. At the beginning of the moving process ask them to devise a plan and follow it. They will be on board from the start. Just be sure they get the stuff done and they shouldn’t fall behind.

    Allowing your children to have a certain degree of responsibility and trust is crucial in their upbringing. By appointing them to a task as big as making sure their room is packed, you develop a special bond with them. Not to mention, it will free you to take care of some more important tasks, like moving the delicate items or think about how to save money while moving.

    Ask them to help with choosing a company

    If the kids like the company as well, they will be more likely to welcome the relocators. Include kids in the packing process at this last part and make sure you secure a safe move with no resistance that way. They would like to see someone trustworthy like Cardinal Van Lines take their stuff away so they don’t have to worry they will lose all their precious toys.

    A child is holding a house plant.
    Trast your kids that they will take care of their rooms.

    Keep in mind not all kids are the same

    Some kids will fall in love with these suggestions. Some will find them boring. Each kid is different. So, try out each one of these and see what they choose to do. If necessary, improvise and adapt and you will have no problem including kids in the moving process.

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