How to prevent moving day injuries

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    We all want a safe and secured relocation. And next to planning, searching for a moving company, and packing, you must think about the safety hazards as well. So, today we will try to bring you closer to the subject and teach you how to prevent moving day injuries. Let’s take a look.

    Plan your relocation as far as you can in advance

    Ok, the very first thing we must say is the time is a valuable thing. The more you have it, the better your moving plan will be. The more time you have the more time to spot all the possible moving mishaps. You have enough time to inspect all your furniture, belongings, and environment. You should measure all the hallways, staircases, doors, and walls. Gather all the numbers on your moving checklist because your movers will need this information to better organize your moving plan. Your moving checklist should also contain:

    • Legalities
    • Packing plan
    • Moving services
    • Moving insurance
    • Budget
    • All chores, errands, and responsibilities

    Once you have this list ready, call your cross country movers Florida and get this info. Start from there and they will use this information to create a safe, affordable, and successful relocation plan.

    Be sure you find the right moving company.

    Search for a reliable moving team

    You won’t have to prevent moving day injuries or even think about the safety of your relocation if you find reliable long distance movers Florida. A good moving company should follow all the rules and regulations tied to the moving industry. All the safety protocols should be followed and there should be enough knowledge and experience to execute each task you toss in front of them. So, to find such a company, you will search online of course. But to be sure you found the right one, you must narrow your search down. Pick your company and dig through their website. Check if they have a company logo, contact info, and a physical address. Then, give them a call and confirm they are licensed and they have all the tools to safely relocate your home and your family.

    If you are not sure and you still want to check if your moving company is legit, check The Better Business Bureau, FMCSA, or the US Movers Association. If your movers are running a legit business, they should be registered online. But in the end, all that matters is that they have reasonable prices, licenses, safety protocols in place, and knowledgeable manpower. Just communicate with your moving representative and obtain all the information.

    Prevent moving day injuries with safe packing

    The most common moving injury, whether you are moving your home or going through a corporate move – is a back and ankle sprain. It all comes from improper packing. Simply because your box is over 50lbs or it is not properly taped down. Therefore, you must gather all the proper materials, and pack like a pro to minimize and prevent moving day injuries. So, start gathering all the materials required. You will need, carton moving boxes, packing tape, labels, and some kind of cushion. You can use bubble wrap or blankets, rags, or any kind of cloth you have at your home.

    Pack like a pro to minimize and prevent moving day injuries

    Now, each box should be packed lightly. Be careful with boxes with books because they are heavy therefore use smaller boxes for those. Large boxes are for cushiony items like plushies and pillows while medium-sized boxes are for anything you dream of. All boxes should be closed and taped down and nothing should stick out because that is a hazard. And if you do not know how to lift moving boxes without hurting your back, you should ask your movers. You are lifting with your legs instead of your backs. Learn more about it online or at your local doctor’s office.

    Inspect everything

    Preventing is half of the work done. So, you must inspect all your furniture to ensure it is ok to be moved. Especially the biggest and most robust pieces. Those can create splinters, pieces can fall apart, or they can break completely and injury the ones involved. So, you must ensure that your biggest and heaviest pieces are ok to be moved. And remember to inspect your attic, basement, garage, attic, shed, and backyard. Maybe there are pieces you forgot about. And surely, you’ll find pieces you do not need anymore and you will declutter and downsize a bit. If you do it right, you will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and safer overall. Hence, inspect the entire home and prevent any damages to your belongings and your family.

    Watch yourself as well

    Ok, in this hectic environment and with so many tasks on your hands, you can forget to watch your health and well-being. Hence, eat better, sleep well, and drink enough fluids. Do not get sick, especially if you are one of the key players in this game. Keep your batteries at full and face your moving day in your prime. It would be best if you can take breaks whenever possible and do something to take your mind of the whole situation. Read your favorite book, do yoga, or simply take a nap. You can play games with your little ones and spend some time with your family to take their minds off the situation as well. Just make sure to take a day off if needed to re-charge and stay strong for your moving day. Now you know how to prevent moving day injuries. It is always better to prevent than to mend and now you know exactly how to do it. But you must know that there is always a chance for damage or injury because of a human factor. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with that and you’ll have a peaceful and seamless transition. Good luck.

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