How to save money when moving to NYC or NJ

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    Besides being complicated and physically demanding, relocation is also a costly endeavor.  Especially when you are moving long distances. Luckily, there are many ways to lower your relocation costs. The amount of physical effort you will need to invest will increase, though. But if you want to move as cheap as possible, that is something that you will have to accept as inevitable. Now let’s take a look at what are the best ways to save money when moving to NYC or NJ from Florida and how can Cardinal Van Lines help you with that.

    Moving from Florida to NYC or NJ is going to be expensive no matter how much you try to lower the cost

    Moving across the country is something that comes easy on the budget. Especially in times of economic crises. But how much will moving from Florida to New York really cost you? Well, it depends on your moving company and whether you managed to find some honest interstate moving companies Florida can offer or you are stuck with some scammers who are only after your money.

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    Moving across the country is costly no matter what you do

    If you are moving with true professionals, the cost of your move could sit somewhere between $1,700 and $5,000. If you are moving with scammers, who knows? The price of your move could easily end up being double as much.  Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you do not get scammed. That is the best thing that you can do for your moving budget.

    What you can do to save money when moving to New York City or New Jersey from Florida

    As we already mentioned moving is an expensive process. Cross-country relocations, like when you are moving from Florida to New York, for example, will be especially expensive. Still, the final price will depend on many variables. The number of miles that you need to cross, the weight of your moving inventory, what moving services you choose to hire are probably the most significant factors that will affect the final price of your move. And while you cannot do anything about the miles, you can certainly do a lot when it comes to the weight of your moving inventory as well as the moving services that you want to hire, or in this case, avoid.

    Decluttering is probably the most efficient way to save money when moving to NYC or NJ

    The first thing that you can do to save money when moving to NYC or NJ is to lighten your moving inventory.  As moving companies from Florida to New Jersey will use that as the main reference when determining the price of your move. And this can have a double effect on your moving budget. It can increase your budget and lower the cost at the same time. But of course, you will have to invest some physical effort into this. And in order to do this the best way possible you will need time.

    yard sale
    You do not have to carry all your stuff with you – sell something before you go

    So your first task is to go through your items and locate those that you can remove. Of course, the heavier the item the more effect it will have on lowering the price of your move. Still, the weight of that item doesn’t necessarily affect the size of your budget. As weight is not the primary factor when you are determining the cost of one item.

    Yes, by now you probably figured out that you could sell your items and increase your moving budget that way.  And there are many ways to do that. The most profitable way – the one that requires the most time and effort is organizing a yard sale. But you can also sell your items online, to a used items retailer, or directly to some of your acquaintances. Whatever you decide to do, in the end, by doing this you are increasing your financial capabilities and lowering the cost of your move at the same time.

    Choose moving services carefully

    Another thing that can help you save money when moving to NYC or NJ, besides lightening your load is thinking about moving services. More precisely, hiring only the most necessary services like loading, unloading, and transport, and doing the rest of the work on your own. Of course, you need to think well before you make this decision. As you might own some items, like a piano or a hot tub, for example, that you simply cannot handle without professional help. That is why you should go through your inventory once more, preferably, make a moving inventory list and take a good look at it. This should be enough to decide on the moving services you will hire.

    a couple carrying a box while trying to save money when moving to NYC or NJ
    You can do a lot of work on your own

    Pack on your own but make sure that you do it right

    When it comes to moving services, most people like to hire professional packers. And that is not a strange thing as packing is the most difficult part of the move. If you want, you can organize the packing process on your own and use free boxes along the way to save money when relocating to NYC or NJ.

    However, be very careful when deciding whether to pack on your own or to hire professionals. Professionals are not there just to ease and speed up the process. They use high-quality packing materials and utilize expert packing techniques to provide your items with proper protection. This means that your items will have a much higher chance of getting to NYC unharmed than when you are packing on your own.

    Getting to your destination safely should be your primary goal

    As you can see, there are ways to save money when moving to NYC or NJ. You just need to invest some physical effort and make sure that you find a reliable moving company to help you along the way. Hopefully, this article shed some light on the subject and gave you some ideas that you will be able to implement on your upcoming move.  Still, your primary goal should be to arrive safely at your destination.

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