How to settle after moving to Brooklyn

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    Whether you are looking for moving companies from Florida to New Jersey or moving companies to transport your belongings to New York, this transition from sunny Florida to East Coast can be overwhelming. Still, if you have decided to move to NYC know that this place has so much to offer. From its beautiful Central Park to charming restaurants in Manhattan, NYC is the place where anybody can fit. When it comes to renting or buying an apartment NYC offers many areas to choose from. However, recently Brooklyn has become one of the most popular boroughs in NYC. If you have decided to make Brooklyn your new home read this guide on how to settle after moving to Brooklyn.

    View of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn
    Read a guide on how to settle after moving to Brooklyn

    To start your relocation it is important to find a reliable moving company that you can entrust your belongings to. Whether you are moving because of work or personal reasons it is important to organize everything properly for your moving day. With a help of the professionals, your move will go smoothly and easily. However, once your items get to Brooklyn your post-move period will begin. It is also important to organize everything on time just like you did for your moving day.

    To settle after moving to Brooklyn unpack your belongings

    Without any doubt, after moving from Florida to New York first thing that you should do is unpack and organize your belongings. This is something that implies but it is important to mention. Unpacking will help you to settle mentally and have a feeling that you are at home. Remove all the items from your moving boxes and put them away. Put photos of your loved ones, plants, or anything that makes you happy. That will set you in the right mood after your relocation.

    Have in mind, that some moving companies provide unpacking services. If you don’t have enough time or you want to focus on the other aspects of your post-move process let professionals handle your belongings. This will give you a chance to start exploring the city early and acclimate to new surroundings. Whether you unpack by yourself or you leave it to the professional make sure to do it right away. Since you are in the new city there will be many unfamiliar things, but your home shouldn’t be one of those.

    To settle after moving to Brooklyn do all the paperwork

    Another thing that you should do as soon as you get to Brooklyn is to finish all the paperwork. This is maybe the most tedious part of the post-move process but it has to be done. The sooner you do it sooner you will have the chance to discover your neighborhood. Paperwork that you will have to do includes:

    • Signing lease for your apartment
    • Transfer of your utilities such as water, electricity, internet, TV contract, etc.
    • Change of your address

    Apart from all the paperwork, it is important to find appropriate medical care for you. Do it on time and don’t wait to get sick to search for the doctors. After organizing your relocation, looking for interstate moving companies Florida and packing all your belongings it is understandable to feel tired. But if you finish your paperwork and unpacking as soon as you get to Brooklyn you will be able to start enjoying the city.

    Discover your neighborhood

    After you settle in your new home in Brooklyn and finish paperwork it is time to start exploring the city. Before anything, start discovering your neighborhood. Find local stores, pharmacies, banks that are closest to you. Brooklyn is definitely the place for coffee lovers, so find the closest coffee shop where you will spend your mornings. Also, look for restaurants and bars where you will relax after a long day.

    Elephant graffiti
    Go out and discover amazing murals and graffiti that Brooklyn has

    Apart from groceries and restaurants, go out and discover the beautiful parks that Brooklyn has. Whether you live close to Brooklyn Bridge Park or Prospect Park you will not be disappointed. They are both tranquil with a beautiful view. Also, the art scene is very alive in Brooklyn so do not hesitate to get lost in the streets that are covered in murals and graffiti.

    Get to know transportation

    Once you discovered your neighborhood it is time to discover other areas of NYC as well. To do that it is important to learn how transportation works. This may seem difficult at first and you may get lost a couple of times, but do not get stressed over that. This is how you will learn to navigate in your new city. The good news is that NYC’s public transportation system is well organized and that from Brooklyn you will be able to get to other areas very fast.

    To get to know your new city better buy the map of the city with highlighted public transportation lines. Also, if you have a smartphone download the map that will show you directions. On the other hand, you should research other transportation options as well. Check where can you rent a bicycle, how to get a cab and in case you have a car where public garages are located.

    Get to know people

    The last and most important thing that you should do to settle after your move is to get to know people. This can be tricky and may be overwhelming but it is something that will give you a real feeling of home. Go out and get to know your neighbors. Also, there are many online community groups where you can get to know the people that live in Brooklyn. Be open-minded and have conversations with your coworkers or people that you meet while shopping or dining.

    3 people sitting in a coffee shop and talking
    Get to know your neighbors and coworkers

    It is true that there are many things that you should consider even after your relocation. But if you follow the guide on how to settle after moving to Brooklyn you will be able to start enjoying your new home very fast.

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