Reasons to donate your old clothes before moving to a new state

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    Moving to a new state means you are starting a new, exciting chapter of your life. Although Florida is a wonderful place to live in, maybe your job is taking you to a fresh, new place. There is no need to dread the unfamiliar, simply go with the flow and embrace the changes. Moving companies Florida will help ease the stress of relocation. But, you may wonder what to do with all the clothes that don’t fit you or you simply don’t wear anymore. Well, moving to a new state is the perfect chance to pass them on to someone who can make use of them. This article will go into more detail about why you should donate your old clothes before moving to a new state.

    Donate your old clothes before moving- here’s why

    Reasons to donate your old clothes before moving are endless. Truth be told, there really is no reason not to do it. It’s for a good cause, you’re getting rid of extra stuff you really have no use for any longer. You can even save up on taxes. Don’t think any longer, start separating your clothes. Here are some of the most important reasons to give your old clothes to charity before moving:

    • your relocation will be cheaper
    • you will have more wardrobe space in your new home
    • you will have an excuse to go shopping, save on taxes and do a good deed, all at the same time

    Your relocation will be cheaper

    Interstate moving, such as moving from Florida to California is a big task. Hiring a professional mover to help will save you from lots of unnecessary stress. This may or may not be an important factor for you, but you may save big bucks on your relocation if you have less baggage. Moving companies often offer affordable prices in order to get more customers, but even those rates are high for some people. Plenty of moving companies charge relocation assistance by weight, so it is fair to say that it pays off to get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Surely you have some old clothes that you don’t fit into anymore, or you’ve simply grown out of that style. Giving them to charity is a way to lighten up the load when the day of the move comes. Remember, the less you have to pack/unpack, the faster you will be done with the relocation.

    dollar bills mean you saved money on your relocation
    Your moving company will give you a better price if you have fewer belongings to move

    You will have more wardrobe space in your new home

    If you are moving out for the first time, just think about how many clothes you have accumulated in your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore. Make sure to take the time to sort out all the clothes and just pack those you really need and love to wear. Be honest and leave anything you haven’t worn in a long time for donation. You will thank yourself when you get settled in your new home and see how much more wardrobe space you have. Giving old clothes to charity will also help someone less fortunate than you, so it is better to donate them than to just throw the clothes away or leave them in your old home. Having lots of free wardrobe space is great for more than one reason. A well-organized, clutter-free home is a big relief. Why set yourself up for failure, if you can prevent it? It will also be fun to try some new styles you may have been considering and experiment with your fashion style more.

    empty wardrobe is something you can look forward to when you move to a new state with little baggage
    You are less likely to have a cluttered home if you give your old clothes to charity

    You have an excuse to go shopping, save on taxes and do a good deed

    Take the time to separate old clothes and donate them. It will give you a clean slate when it comes to your wardrobe. If you’ve been wanting to go shopping for a while now, this is the perfect opportunity. In the end, you probably need a wardrobe change if you are moving from Florida to Seattle, since these two states have somewhat different climates. Another important fact is that you can save money on taxes. By all means, save your donation receipt. Many states offer tax reductions for people who give to those in need. Not to mention that you will feel good about putting those unwanted clothes to good use. Just because you have no use for something, doesn’t mean someone else can’t benefit from it. Of course, make sure the clothes you decide to donate are washed, not torn, and in generally good condition. If you have some worn out items you can throw them away for recycling.

    woman shopping for clothes after giving her old clothes to charity before moving
    If you donate your old clothes before moving you can buy some fresh, new ones

    To sum up, here’s why you should donate your old clothes before moving

    We hope that this article has swayed you to donate your old clothes before moving. You will benefit from it in more ways than one. There are many pros and not really any cons. Giving your old clothes to charity before your relocation will reduce the amount of stuff you have to move, which means getting professional moving services will cost less. Most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe during the pandemic, there are certain do’s and don’ts when moving in these challenging times. Giving your old clothes to those in need will also pay off in tax reductions. The biggest satisfaction will be knowing that you’ve both helped someone and got rid of any chance for potential clutter in your new home. It feels good to help. So don’t hesitate to donate any time you have a chance.

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