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    Are you thinking about moving to Chicago from Florida? You have a long and stressful journey ahead of you. However, if you let Cardinal Van Lines assist you, this relocation can actually turn into a smooth and rememberable experience. Our company is helping thousands relocate across the country each year.  Join the long line of satisfied customers by contacting us today. We will provide you with a free moving quote and show you that the best things in life do not always have to be expensive.

    A truck moving to Chicago from Florida
    Get to Chicago with the help of one of the most reliable interstate movers in Florida

    Relocating from Florida to Chicago is a serious undertaking that only the most capable Florida interstate movers can handle properly

    Moving across the country requires a lot of planning, dedication, and skills in order to be conducted properly.  Still, the difficulty of the process depends on many things. How many items need to be transported, how quickly everything needs to be completed, how big is the distance that needs to be crossed, and whether you managed to hire some of the reliable moving services Florida can offer.

    And while we cannot predict the size of our customers’ inventory, nor their needs in terms of speed, we can tell you that moving to Chicago from Florida is going to be a long and tiring journey. There is 1,217.2 mi that separates Florida from Chicago. And in order for everything to be conducted smoothly, there is a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be involved.  

    We offer high quality services at reasonable prices

    We know that professional moving companies are the only ones who can help people move such large distances. And we also know that there are many expensive as well as incompetent movers on the market. That is why we are urging people to check their movers thoroughly before hiring and only move with the help of experienced and reputable professionals that have proper equipment and vehicles to provide them with a satisfactory experience.

    Do not let that one mistake turn this important move into havoc. Contact Cardinal Van Lines and let your relocation be conducted by one of the most experienced interstate movers from Florida. Give us a call, therefore. We will provide you with a free moving estimate. And show you that you can get a top professional service with no hidden fees or additional surprises.

    Chicago is one of the most desirable destinations for people that are moving from Florida

    You probably read about thousands of people that are moving to Florida these last couple of years. But you probably haven’t heard a lot about people that are leaving The Sunshine State and going in the other direction. And that is understandable considering that Florida is probably the most popular moving destination in the country. However, there are many people that are moving from Florida to other parts of the US. And Chicago is one of the most attractive destinations right now.

    a street in Chicago
    Chicago is one of the top destinations for people from Florida right now

    Chicago, Illinois

    Often referred to as the Windy City, Chicago actually has many nicknames – City of Big Shoulders, The Second City, The White City, and The City That Works. And this last nickname is something that describes Chicago the best.  Chicago is located in Cook County and with a population of 2,709,534 it is the third-largest city in the country.  That might sound scary for people that are moving there from smaller places like Miramar, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, or even Orlando.

    However, Chicago is so well organized when it comes to public transportation, walkability, and other important factors. So, it is really an easy place to live in. You have a downtown area called the Loop with all the big skyscrapers. Lake Michigan is to the east and residential areas spread out to the north, south, and west. The median home value in Chicago is $258,000 and rent is around $1,112. That is actually pretty affordable for a city of this size and not much different from prices in Florida.

    Weather in Chicago

    If you are planning to relocate to Chicago from Florida, besides the size of the city, the biggest difference you will feel is in weather conditions. Particularly winter. Winters in Chicago are snowy and chilly with temperatures often below 0 °F. Summers are hot and humid. And springs and falls can bring both warm and cold weather with a lot of sunshine.

    Altogether, you will have an opportunity to feel all four seasons while you are living in Chicago, which is a completely different thing than you had an opportunity to experience in Florida. Think about the Chicago climate while you are preparing for the move. Make sure that you pack warm clothes, especially if you are moving during winter. And we will make sure that the relocation process goes well, regardless of the weather conditions.

    We offer a variety of services designed to help people relocate easily regardless of the situation

    We are an experienced moving company that is ready to assist you to relocate regardless of the situation. Therefore, we can help you move your home or business.  Our residential movers are skilled in handling all types of domestic items – from home appliances, clothes to fragile dishes, and bulky furniture.

    If you are moving your business, on the other hand, one of the most experienced corporate movers Florida has, will provide you with swift and professional service, ensuring as little downtime for your business as possible.

    A truck on the road
    Moving to Chicago from Florida has never been easier

    Let us handle your vehicle

    Relocating from Florida to Chicago means that you need to cross more than 1,200 miles. Have you thought about how you will get to your destination? Are you planning to drive yourself to Chicago in your own vehicle? If you do, be ready for a few-day road trip. If you are not in the mood for an adventure, we offer a solution. Book yourself a flight instead. And let your vehicle be shipped by one of the most skilled auto transport services Florida has available – Cardinal Van Lines.  

    Contact Cardinal Van Lines to ensure an easy cross country move from Florida to Chicago, IL

    Moving from Florida to Chicago is a difficult and complicated process. However, with the help of Cardinal Van Lines, it can actually be turned into an enjoyable and carefree experience. Ensure that you get to Chicago feeling fresh, energetic, and ready to experience all the things that this city has to offer. Contact us. Get your free quote and we will start planning your move immediately.

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