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    Moving is not cheap, regardless of what you move. It can be your entire household, your office, or even just a single item, like a piano. There are always many expenses you must cover. Naturally, people are trying to find ways to reduce them. And to save as much as they can. This is especially a case when moving on a tight budget. Many are considering to do packing themselves for saving. However, this might be the wrong decision. Unproperly packed things can sustain irreparable damage. And are probably not insured. Hiring reliable, Cardinal Van Lines will make your move swift, easy and affordable. And luckily, there are also many ways for saving money when moving. 

    Plan your move well to enable you to save money when moving

    Professionals from a reliable moving company can help you save money when moving. They know how to plan and do fast and safe packing. This is very convenient when you are paying movers hourly. Moreover, moving companies have all the necessary logistics and packing equipment. And they provide use of that equipment free of charge. By all this, you are already saving on your move. 

    Woman's hands drawing with a pan the moving plan on the piece of paper, for saving money when moving
    Why hiring professionals is a way to save money when moving?

    There are few other benefits of hiring a moving company:

    • they keep up the schedule (moving company will make sure that you move on time)
    • moving companies are insured (even if your possessions sustain damage during the move, you will be reimbursed)
    • workers are trained for a moving job (if you are doing moving jobs, you can easily get hurt, not knowing how to move bulky and heavy items)
    • many moving companies are offering special deals (also, you can choose among packages they offer)

    When hiring a moving company, always check what services it offers. Make sure it has all the services you need for your relocation. If not, you will have additional costs, paying someone else for the missing services. 

    Prepare yourself for movers’ arrival if you want to save on moving

    In case you have decided to pack yourself, be ready on time. Plan your move well. Only that way, you will save money when moving. Do not make the movers come and wait on you. For the local relocation, all moving companies are charging by the hour. So have all packed timely. And have your possessions stuffed properly for loading. If they are in hallways and blocking movers, the loading will take longer. They will be much faster when you are well organized. The bottom line, this will affect your moving costs. 

    Woman in garden with a basket, surrounded with flower leaves and table with some items on it
    All these things you can sell and add some money to your moving budget

    Never hire a too cheap company for your moving

    Nowadays, and especially with the economy shaken by the latest world crisis, many are in search of cheap relocations. Many families are living on already stretched budgets. As a result of such a situation, they are looking at how to save money when moving. Thus, the main criteria when choosing a moving company is cost estimation. 

    Sadly, their search is, by rule, ending in a moving nightmare. And very often, there are also hidden costs. To avoid such stressful, chaotic, and expensive experiences contact us. Our experienced staff will not only move you safely. With us, you will also save on moving costs. 

    There are also ways to earn money when moving

    People are usually talking about moving costs. Still, few are aware they can also earn when moving. How is that so? Regardless of you are moving your office or entire household, you will have to do decluttering. Soon after starting to sort your belongings, you will find some forgotten things. Or some that you were not using for a long time. Or furniture that will not match at your new location. All these things you can sell. This way you will add up some money to your moving budget.   

    You can also decide to donate some things. In such a case, ask for the itemized receipt. With such a receipt, you can write off the donation on your income taxes

    Check if you can get reimbursed when relocating due to a new job

    If you are relocating to another city or state because of a new job, check what you are entitled to. Many companies are reimbursing moving costs. You can also check this with your tax advisor. You might find out you are eligible for a write-off. This will also help you saving money when moving. 

    When moving during the non-busy season, you are saving money

    Like every other business, moving has its off-season and peak season times. The peak season for moving is May through September. When you call and ask for a free estimate, the costs might be considerably higher at peak times. This happens because at the peak season movers are more in demand. Besides, all reliable moving companies are already fully booked. Thus, you have a bigger chance to end up hiring fraudulent movers. As we already saw, the result will be very costly.  

    If you are not in rush and can choose the moving time, we strongly recommend you move during the off-season period. Also, relocations are more costly during the weekends. So, if you must move during the peak season, at least do it during the workweek. This way, you will save on your moving costs. And you will have professional movers at your side. This will make you more relaxed and safer. And your relocation will be done to your full satisfaction. 

    a pocket on a black leather jacket from which $ 1 bills protrude
    This way, you will save on your moving costs.

    What the moving costs include

    For saving money when moving, it is good to have a list of moving expenses. Such a list will help you to define which items you can save on. 

    A typical list of moving expenses is:

    • professional moving services (if skilled in packing, you can make “I pack, you drive” deal, to cut on costs)
    • packing supplies (if packing yourself, you can also get some good, but not costly packing materials)
    • renting the storage unit (if necessary to avoid additional weight, as a long-distance cost depends on it)
    • airline/bus ticket (decide which kind of transportation for you and family is cheaper, if convenient)
    • fuel (before the move, check well the road map to find the shortest, but the reliable road, to save on fuel consumption)

    Besides the above, carefully check all possibilities for deducting moving expenses. Ask friends, family, and professionals. Check the regulations well. And in case you are eligible, it will be a nice inflow of funds to your moving budget. And of course, make the overall move cheaper.

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