What not to wear on your moving day

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    Moving day is always full of stress and we need to all prepare for this big day. The last thing that you need when you are dealing with all moving issues is to feel uncomfortable because of your clothes. Unluckily, the wrong outfit can ruin your regular day and you cannot let that happen once the big day comes. So, if you want to have a stress-free moving day you will need to choose your outfit very carefully. This way you will prevent any kind of discomfort caused by clothes on this stressful day filled with plenty of emotions. Although reliable moving companies in Florida can help you overcome moving issues, make sure to take time for preparing your moving day outfit. To help you out, we will remind you what not to wear on your moving day. Stay with us if you are not sure what to wear!

    What garments not to wear on your moving day

    Conducting safe and smooth moving is all about organization. So, you need to start planning your move as soon as possible. Only this way you will as relaxed as possible once the moving day comes. There is no doubt, you can already imagine this is going to be a hectic and exhausting day. Nevertheless, you don’t need anything to spoil it further. Whether you are moving two blocks away or you are hiring the best long distance movers Florida, don’t underestimate the importance of wearing the right clothing on your moving day. But if you are still wondering how clothes could be wrong for moving day, just keep reading. We will remind you of some of the worst choices for moving day. This will be the perfect way for you to realize what can bother you on the big day. Here is the list of faulty choices

    • Short-sleeved shirts/t-shirts and shorts/skirts;
    • Bright colors are not an ideal choice since there will be a lot of dirty;
    • Avoid wearing any of your new clothes on moving day because you could ruin them and regret it ;
    • Open toes are what you should avoid and rather choose closed-toe shoes instead;
    • Wearing jewelry is not recommended for moving days because it might be very dangerous. 

    As we want you to stay as more relaxed and safe as possible, keep the items from this list in mind. Particularly when you are looking for your moving day outfit. Wearing mentioned pieces of clothes can be risky for your health

    Open toes shoes are what not to wear on your moving day

    When you are preparing for the long journey, you often prefer to wear your comfortable shoes. No matter if you are moving locally or far away with the help of our best cross country movers Florida, you should wear your beloved closed-toes shoes. If you are in doubt because of the heat in Florida, here comes an explanation. Well, you know every move includes a lot of walking around, rush, and haste. Besides, moving includes carrying a lot of heavy, large, and bulky boxes.

    Man wearing leather shoes.
    Make sure to have comfortable shoes on your feet.

    And for safety reasons, open toes footwear is one of the items you should not wear while you are carrying any load and moving. This way you will save your pinky finger on a moving day. You will not hurt it on the furniture and you will prevent this type of inconvenience. When you are wearing your closed-toes shoes you are protecting your feet and fingers from injuries and scratches. If you ask our moving services Florida experts, they will tell you comfortable shoes are an important companion for you the moving day. A big day requires a lot of motion and will be the ideal choice for you. 

    Skip wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts on a moving day

    As much open skin as the bigger possibility is to hurt yourself. The solution is to cover your skin with comfortable clothes. Still, it does not mean you should wear baggy clothing. Baggy clothing can be very dangerous because you could trip in a hurry. In addition, make sure to choose comfortable materials for the moving dayArtificial materials like synthetic are what not to wear on your moving day. Above all, choose a long-sleeved shirt you are comfortable wearing regularly. This is a proven choice for an active day. 

    Girl in black outfit.
    Your clothes should be comfortable.

    The best way to prevent cutting and similar injuries is by wearing pants or tracksuits. When it comes to choosing the right pants, make sure to avoid too tight pants for the moving day. Right size clothes are a must on moving day. Pants with pockets might be a good choice for a big day because you will feel like you always need one more hand during the move. Also, you can use your pockets to put some important things in there. When you have pants with pockets you can put there your keys, your wallet, your phone, and even pieces of furniture or other hardware. 

    Skip wearing new clothes

    Undoubtedly, moving can be a dusty and dirty process, so you don’t want to wear any of the new clothes. According to this, you should find the right age of clothes for moving. Take time and find something in your wardrobe you will not be sorry to damage and rip up. Unluckily, probably you will have to toss it later, so make sure it is not some of your new garments. Believe us, you don’t want to destroy some of your favorite clothes on a moving day because of the wrong decision. You will have enough time to wear your new clothes once you arrive at your new home. So, make sure your professional movers have all your new clothes inside their moving trucks. 

    A new clothes are what not to wear on moving day.
    Your new clothes are what not to wear on moving day.

    Avoid wearing jewelry and opt for dark colors

    At some movement,  for sure you will wipe some dust off your furniture or moving boxes. When this happens, bright colors are what you don’t want to have on yourself. When it comes to jewelry, you know it can get tangled with something. This way you can hurt yourself, damage, and lost your jewelry, too. The right outfit will hope you cope with moving stress. Hope you will remember what not to wear on your moving day and you will have an amazing move!

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