Who should you inform before moving an office?

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    Moving a business is a complicated task. However, besides thinking about finding Florida movers, packing, transportation, you also need to make sure that you notify everyone about your relocation. Still, that can also be a complicated issue as there are many parties that need to be informed. And it is easy to forget about someone in this hectic and chaotic process.  That is why we created an article that will help you with this part of the move. So who should you inform before moving an office? Take a look.

    First, make sure that you inform your moving company

    The first one to inform before moving a business, believe it or not, is your moving company.  Moving is a complicated business and it takes a lot of time to be planned and organized properly. That is why moving companies are booked for months in advance. If you want to hire the best relocation services Florida can offer, you need to contact them as soon as you learn about the move.

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    First, notify your moving company

    Inform utility companies if you want your new space to ready to accommodate you

    As we all know, in business, time is money. That is why one of the biggest and most important things that you need to ensure when moving your business is to have an as little downtime as possible.  And there is a lot that you can do about that. Of course, the first and most important part is to find experienced corporate relocation companies Florida businesses use for their relocation needs. Such companies know how to organize commercial relocations properly. And they will ensure that your business spends as little time in transit as possible.

    However, what will happen if your commercial moving company relocates your business to a new space quickly but your new space is not ready to accommodate it? What will happen if there is no electricity, phone line, or even the internet? Then even the fastest movers will not be able to help you. That is why the first parties that you need to inform before moving an office are your utility companies. Of course, which companies you need to inform, depends on the building in which you are moving in. Talk to the management of the building and see whether they will handle that part or you need to deal with it on your own.

    Tell your employees about the move – but have relocation plans ready

    After you notify your long distance movers Florida and utility companies it is time to notify your employees. This will be the most important part, as you will probably have to deal with a lot of explanations, negotiations, as well as abandonment. To make sure that as few employees abandon your business as possible, you will probably have to prepare some relocation plans that will help them follow you to your new address.  Check the internet for ideas. There are many different pre-made plans that you can utilize or customize for your situation.

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    Tell your employees about your moving plans

    Government agencies that you need to inform

    Besides utility companies, you also need to inform government agencies about your move. Here are some of the entities that you need to contact when moving a business:

    • The United States Postal Service
    • DMV
    • IRS
    • Social Security
    • Voter registration
    • Banks and investment services
    • Loan issuers
    • Credit card companies and retail credit accounts.

    These are just some of the agencies that you will need to contact. Of course, who you will have to contact additionally, depends on the type of your business and whether you are moving within Florida or you are moving to some other state. Check this with your accountant, just to make sure that you notified everyone you need to if you want to continue operating legally.

    Tell your business partners that you are moving your office

    The next on the list of who to inform before moving an office is your business partners. Your suppliers, companies that you supply, other businesses that are in regular contact with your company, and those that depend on you in any way, all need to know that you are preparing for a move.  Of course, make sure that you do this a few months before the move. Maybe some of those businesses will not be able to continue working with you because of the move. And you need to give them enough time to reorganize.

    a businessman holding a phone getting ready to inform everyone before moving an office
    Notify your partners as well

    Notify your customers about the move

    Finally, the most important party that you need to inform before moving, your customers. Still, even though they are the most important part of your business, you can leave them for the last. Mostly because they can adapt quickly to a change. And because they can easily replace you if your move is affecting whether they will continue using your services or not. Still, even though you can leave them for the end, that doesn’t mean that you can do it a few days before the move or worse after the move is complete.

    Luckily, nowadays, you have many ways to inform your customers. You can of course do it the old-fashioned way by sending letters, calling them on the phone, sending SMS messages or you can simply send e-mails. Of course, do not forget to put a large notification on your website’s home page as well as to put a physical notification on your office’s front door.

    Make a list before you begin

    And those are the parties that you need to inform before moving an office. As you can see, the list is long. That is why you should first make a list just to make sure that you do not forget about someone. Do this right and continue working as you never moved.

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