Moving to Florida: a comprehensive guide

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    You decided on moving to Florida and you do not know where to begin? Don’t worry, Cardinal Van Lines will help you with a small guide. Everyone must go through the moving process, organize, pack, and find a proper moving company to help them out. What we can do, is to explain step by step how you can make this much easier than it seems. Let’s go.

    Moving to Florida with a comprehensive guide

    The first step on this journey is to create an inventory list. This means you must check each room inside your home along with the attic, basement, backyard, and garage. Note down all furniture and other household items you must pack. And while doing that, set aside all those items you think you can’t use anymore. Those are broken electronics, old clothing, and random household items. After creating an inventory list, you’ll move to a moving checklist.

    Note down all furniture and other household items you must pack.

    A moving checklist should include all your moving-related responsibilities, chores, and errands you must cover before the moving day. Once you have it all on paper, start looking for an interstate moving company that will assist you on this journey. Give them enough info to assemble a safe and affordable relocation.

    Find movers online

    As you already know, the best way to find a moving company is to search for them online. Concourse, you can always check the ads in papers, obtain referrals or a word of mouth. But searching the internet will speed you up tenfold. Therefore, sit down and dedicate an hour to it. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find several Florida long distance moving companies. Narrow your search down by comparing moving services, prices, and feedbacks. You can find good moving reviews in moving-related social media groups. So, ensure your mover possess the following:

    • Approvals to work within the moving industry. A license and a permit.
    • All the tools, equipment, vehicles, and enough knowledgeable manpower.
    • Safety standards, protocols, and moving insurance.

    And those are the mandatory ones. Movers can offer a lot of different moving services that might make your life ten times easier. Check their website and see what’s in store.

    Are you sure you invested in a good one?

    Some people like to be sure their investment is safe. And there is a good way to do it. Simply ensure your movers are registered online. Firstly, of course, you will dig through their website thoroughly. Then, you can confirm they are listed on FMCSA, the US Moving Association, or Yellow Pages. And as we mentioned before, you should search vie the external source as well. Read blog posts and social media groups until you confirm your movers are legit.

    Start with cardboard boxes and plastic bins.

    Pack for moving to Florida like a pro

    Packing for moving to Florida can be quite easy if you have all the packing materials required. So, let us begin gathering everything needed for a safe and successful one. Start with cardboard boxes and plastic bins. You’ll need around 30 of those more or less. Then, you must purchase higher-quality tape and some packing paper. Finally, you’ll need bubble wrap and labels. As for packing, you must start where you think it is the best but we can recommend your kitchen as a starting point. Simply because of all sharp, fragile, and numerous small and big objects. Once you are done with your kitchen, you are almost halfway through. Then move onto other rooms inside your home and do not forget to check your garage, basement, attic, and backyard.

    Now when you inspected everything and you have your packing materials with you, you can begin packing. Each box should have bubble wrap or blankets as the base to provide a nice cushion for your items. Then, you should wrap each piece individually using packing paper or old magazine paper. Fill the gaps between items with crumpled paper as well. Once done, tape it down and add labels. Labeling is important for all parties involved. A simple description will raise awareness of those who are handling your boxes.

    Free onsite estimates

    Before you can begin moving to Florida you must obtain a moving quote. Yes, you can obtain one via the phone or through your movers’ website. But the best possible way to realize your costs is to utilize free onsite estimates. Yes, this is a free service each serious moving company should offer. And it is more than simple. Your moving representative will pay you a visit and ensure the environment is safe to work in. They will also weigh your cargo and calculate how many packing materials and working hours you must invest.

    Moreover, they will point out where you can lose and where to gain by offering special moving services. Some of them are storage, packing, long-distance moves, etc. So, communicate with your movers and realize if any of the services is for you. On the other hand, you can reduce the final moving cost if you declutter and downsize a bit. Simply shuffle through your items and finally get rid of that old fridge and antique TV that are sitting in your garage for far too long. Those items, you can either sell online, donate, give away, or recycle.

    Personal documents

    Yes, we left this one as the last, but arguably it is the most important aspect of each move. And it is the personal documents and legalities. Hence, a month before the move you must cover all your IDs, personal documents, credit cards, medical records, etc. Also, you should transfer your internet and cellphone services as well. Finally, visit the nearest post office to reroute your mail adequately. Update all relevant parties with the change of address and avoid unpleasant situations. Now you are ready for moving to Florida. Hopefully, we provided enough info so you can create your personalized plan and emerge successfully. No doubt you’ll catch a few more tips and tricks along the way. Each relocation is fundamentally the same but your prerequisites aren’t. Therefore, create your guide and we wish you the best of luck on this journey.

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